Pavement Track

  • Pavement design, construction, and maintenance

  • Pavement for autonomous vehicle

  • Sustainable and resilient materials

  • Recycling and circular economic in Pavement

  • Performance test and specification

  • Pavement sensing & evaluation technology

  • Humanity oriented design roads

  • Bike and pedestrian pavement

  • Life cycle analysis (LCCA and LCA)

  • Carbon footprint management

Railway Track

  • Light railways and bogies technology

  • Noise, vibration and comfort

  • Safety, security and reliability

  • Railway track-bed structures

  • Track design, construction and maintenance

  • Field and laboratory testing

  • Track defects detection and monitoring

  • Big data analysis and artificial intelligence in railway

  • Signaling and communication

  • Railway transport planning and policies

For abstract / presentation ONLY attendee, the abstract and presentation will be published into conference proceeding.

For full paper / presentation attendee, the paper submissions will be peer-reviewed by 2-3 reviewers. The registered and presented papers will be published into Ei  Compendex, Scopus indexed journal.

Pavement related topic: International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology (ISSN print 1996-6814 / ISSN web 1997-1400).

Railway related topic: Journal of Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (ISSN web 10155856).


All abstracts and full paper manuscripts should be submitted through the online submission platform.

Should you have any questions, please contact:


(1) Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts (must be at most 500 words) shall be submitted through the online abstract submission platform by 

31 Jul. 2020.

(2) Submission of Full Papers

Full paper (limited to 10 pages) shall be submitted through the online full paper submission platform by 31 Aug. 2020.

(3) The paper template file can be downloaded from below.

(4) Naming your file:

Your paper file must be named as the first three letters of the first author's last name and the last three letters should be the first three words of your title. For example, If your paper title is "Developing Novel Method to Mitigate Climate Change to Infrastructure" by A.T. Yang & G. Kuo, the file name of the paper: yan-dnm.docx.




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